About Us

Roasters Edge Coffee LLC has been in business since 2008 roasting coffee to satisfy our customers who want a truly great cup of coffee. Deja Brew Coffee Shop opened on April 26, 2013 to provide our customers a space where they can relax and enjoy the best brewed cup of coffee possible. Our success will be measured by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

 We look forward to serving you a great cup of coffee and roasting the best beans for your home brewing. Our coffee is truely "Paradise in a Cup."



Meet Our Team




Monique Williams

Owner, Roastmaster, Entertainment Director

850 814-6327




Jerry Williams

Owner, Roastmaster, Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 850 814-3985

Email: willardwilliams@yahoo.com




Malou Cantos


Barista, Shop Supervisor


Malou says "Start Your Day With A Smile. Coffee Makes You Smile"